10 Female K-Pop Idols Who Looked Stunning With Pink Hair


10 Female K-Pop Idols Who Looked Stunning With Pink Hair

These 10 K-pop idols looked stunning with pink hair!1. Girls' Generation Taeyeon(Photo : Taeyeon Instagram) TaeyeonTaeyeon had dyed her hair pink two

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These 10 K-pop idols looked stunning with pink hair!

1. Girls’ Generation Taeyeon

Taeyeon(Photo : Taeyeon Instagram)


Taeyeon had dyed her hair pink two to three times she debuted. Although she has dyed her hair pink several times, she becomes a hot topic every time. One South Korean internet user even said, “Taeyeon looks like she was born with pink hair. She looks like a fairy, so it suits her.”

One notable time she dyed her hair pink was for her “Weekend” comeback. Taeyeon exuded princess vibes!

2. (G)I-DLE Yuqi

Yuqi(Photo : Yuqi Instagram)


Yuqi recently dyed her hair pink for (G)I-DLE’s “TOMBOY” comeback. Although it is her first time with pink hair, it definitely suits her style! Paired with the smokey make-up for “TOMBOY” promotions, her hair has made Yuqi a hot topic among internet users.

With pink hair, Yuqi looks both cute and charismatic!

3. (G)I-DLE Minnie

Minnie(Photo : CUBE Naver Profile)


Minnie, who is also a member of (G)I-DLE, dyed her hair pink for the group’s “DUMDi DUMDi” promotions. Because she dyed her hair pink for the summer, Minnie looked as fresh and sweet as strawberry juice!

As her hair was dyed rose gold rather than just pink, the hair shined even under harsh lighting. What a beauty!


Lisa(Photo : Lisa Instagram)


Any hair color is suitable for Lisa, but pink is one of the best! Though she dyed her hair pink during a period when she had no musical activities, Lisa still shared several photos of her with the new color.

Lisa opted for pastel pink. This is the best shade for those who want to try dying their hair pink as it complements most skin tones.


Rosé(Photo : Rosé Instagram)


For BLACKPINK’s “Lovesick Girls” promotions, Rosé dyed her hair pink! For most of her time as an idol, Rosé has stuck with light colors for her hair. The soft pink definitely captivated the audience, causing Rosé to stand out among the members.

The hair proved to be versatile. Depending on how her hair was styled and what make-up look she wore, Rosé would exude different auras.

6. TWICE Nayeon

Nayeon(Photo : 세계일보)


TWICE member Nayeon only dyed her hair pink once, and that was for “SIGNAL” The color did not even last long. In fact, Nayeon only kept the pink hair for a week before going back to her signature brown hair. Although the hair color was shortlived, it left a deep impression on the K-pop community,

Many are hoping Nayeon makes a comeback with pink hair again. JYP, let Nayeon dye her hair other colors!

7. TWICE Sana

Sana(Photo : 한국경제)


Sana has dyed her hair several colors, but pink left the most lasting impression. The Japanese idol dyed her hair pink for TWICE’s “Feel Special” promotions. The color allowed Sana to stand out among the group’s nine members.

People claimed the pink color made Sana look like a princess! The shade Sana dyed her hair is not easy to pull off, but she did it flawlessly.


Sakura(Photo : ZUM 뉴스)


Just like her name, Sakura dyed her hair the same color as Sakura blossoms during her time in IZ*ONE! Sakura is known for her pink hair, and during her time with the “Produce 48” winner group, she dyed her hair several shades of pink.

The color makes Sakura look sweet and dreamy. Even when she returned to Japan, she often kept her hair different shades of pink. It is her representative color!

9. f(x) Sulli

Sulli(Photo : Sulli Instagram)


Sulli, who is known as “K-Pop’s Peach,” dyed her hair pink for her solo debut, “Goblin.” With her pink hair, Sulli’s fairy-like beauty was able to shine even more. The color perfectly matched her plump lips and milky white skin. She looked out of this world!

We miss you, Sulli!

10. Red Velvet Yeri

Yeri(Photo : Red Velvet Facebook)


During Red Velvet’s “PSYCHO” era, Yeri dyed her hair pink. However, the hair color did not last long, as pink is notoriously hard to maintain. As a result, the idol could only have pink hair for teaser photos and a few scheduled activities. After that, her hair faded to a brown.

Though short-lived, the color caused a storm among ReveLuvs. People believed the ‘do made Yeri look high-class and extravagant.

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