10+ Iconic K-Pop Girl Group Debut Songs


10+ Iconic K-Pop Girl Group Debut Songs

K-Pop groups can face numerous obstacles when it comes to making a name for themselves in the industry, more so if they come from a smaller company. B

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K-Pop groups can face numerous obstacles when it comes to making a name for themselves in the industry, more so if they come from a smaller company. Because of the need to make an impact to build a fanbase, groups would try to release attention-grabbing songs for their debut. While there are some groups who weren’t as lucky, there are plenty of others who succeeded by releasing iconic songs.

With that, check out these 15 iconic debut songs by K-Pop girl groups in no particular order!

1. Girls’ Generation – ‘Into The New World’

On August 5, 2007, Girls’ Generation made their debut with the single “Into The New World.” Despite the song being more than a decade old, “Into The New World” is still widely loved by K-Pop fans, and is often covered by newer K-Pop groups.

2. 2NE1 – ‘Fire’

Before 2NE1 became widely known for their hit song “I Am The Best,” the girl group also released a smashing debut track called “Fire” in May 2009. In addition to the hot song, “Fire” also features CL’s iconic line: “I go by the name CL of 2NE1. It’s been a long time comin’ but we here now.”

3. 4MINUTE – ‘Hot Issue’

On June 15, 2009, Cube Entertainment debuted their girl group 4MINUTE, featuring HyunA, Gayoon, Jiyoon, Jihyun, and Sohyun. On this day, they released the single “Hot Issue,” which became highly successful and sold over 4 million digital copies. To this day, the song still remains iconic as ever.

4. SISTAR – ‘Push Push’

Before being known as the “Summer Queens,” SISTAR debuted with the iconic single “Push Push” in June 2010. The song, which was produced by Brave Brothers, eventually cemented SISTAR as one of the top girl groups of their generation. In addition, the song also has the addicting line: “Push push baby.”

5. miss A – ‘Bad Girl, Good Girl’

miss A debuted with their single “Bad Girl, Good Girl” in July 2010. The song peaked atop music charts during its time of release, and also became one of the best K-Pop songs released in 2010. Years later, the song is still popular among old and new K-Pop fans, with many idols also doing covers of the song.

6. Red Velvet – ‘Happiness’

On August 1, 2014, Red Velvet debuted as a four-member group with the single “Happiness.” At the time, Yeri was not yet part of the group until 2015. “Happiness” features the addicting line “la la la la,” and not only that, but Red Velvet’s “Happiness” era was iconic for the members’ coordinated hairdos, which features the members with different colored hair tips.

7. GFRIEND – ‘Glass Bead’

GFRIEND debuted under Source Music with the song “Glass Bead.” This song not only became iconic for the group due to its melody reminiscent of Girls’ Generation’s earlier works, but also for the members’ synchronized choreography.

8. TWICE – ‘Like Ooh Ahh’

Following their appearance on the survival program “SIXTEEN,” TWICE came in with a bang when they debuted with “Like Ooh Ahh” featuring zombies in their music video. The entire song itself is a masterpiece, along with the choreography that instantly became viral all over the world!

9. I.O.I – ‘Dream Girls’

After competing on “Produce 101 Season 1,” I.O.I debuted with “Dream Girls,” which instantly became a hit among fans of the survival program. The song became I.O.I’s best-performing song with its iconic line: “We are the dream girls.”


BLACKPINK definitely came in with a “boom” when they debuted with the single “BOOMBAYAH” back in August 2016. The song became widely popular as it featured a girl crush concept, adding beats, and high-energy choreography. This is also the first song that featured BLACKPINK’s iconic phrase: “BLACKPINK in your area.”

11. PRISTIN – ‘Wee Woo’

Before PRISTIN’s unfortunate disbandment, they debuted with the cheery track “Wee Woo” on March 17, 2017. The song became iconic for its catchy chorus, especially the line: “johahae neol johahae boo boo.”

12. (G)I-DLE – ‘LATATA’

On May 2, 2018, (G)I-DLE made their debut as a six-member group with the single “LATATA.” The song was written by member Jeon Soyeon, and was included in numerous lists by media outlets that highlighted the top K-Pop songs in 2018.

13. IZ*ONE – ‘La Vie En Rose’

Another “Produce 101” group debut song that became iconic is IZ*ONE’s “La Vie En Rose.” Not only is the change in beats addicting, but the group’s choreography for the song is also eye-catching. It’s no wonder IZ*ONE became one of the most successful project girl group!

14. ITZY – ‘Dalla Dalla’

As a successor to TWICE, many had high expectations for ITZY when they debuted. And they did not disappoint! ITZY debuted with the track “Dalla Dalla,” which not only became viral for the catchy lyrics and tune, but also became widely known for its choreography!

15. EVERGLOW – ‘Bon Bon Chocolat’

On March 18, 2019, Yuehua Entertainment debuted EVERGLOW with the song “Bon Bon Chocolat.” With the song written by highly-acclaimed composer Melanie Fontana, and choreography by the famous Lia Kim, “Bon Bon Chocolat” was able to cement EVERGLOW as a top Korean-Chines girl group.

Which debut song do you think is iconic?

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