10 K-Pop Idols That Could Totally Win in ‘Squid Game’


10 K-Pop Idols That Could Totally Win in ‘Squid Game’

Squid Game is a K-drama that is taking the world by storm and is one of Netflix's most-watched programs ever. With the drama's popularity, many have w

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Squid Game is a K-drama that is taking the world by storm and is one of Netflix’s most-watched programs ever. With the drama’s popularity, many have wondered how idols would last if they were in the games. Here are the top ten idols who would most likely win if they were in Squid Game.

1. Super Junior Kyuhyun

Kyuhyun(Photo : Kyuhyun Instagram)

Kyuhyun would win not due to his athleticism or cleverness; instead, he would win due to sheer luck and motivation to win the next challenge. While he loves his members, Kyuhyun can be ruthless in games and has no problems doing what it takes to take home the prize!

2. SEVENTEEN Jeonghan

Jeonghan(Photo : SEVENTEEN Instagram)

In SEVENTEEN, Jeonghan has been known to cheat during games… and getting away with it! Jeonghan is smart and quick, and the male idol could quickly think of strategies that could help him win the games.

3. BTS V

BTS V(Photo : BTS Facebook)

BTS member V is smart and great at games. But what he also has is a fantastic poker face! The idol is capable of turning the charm on, and people would never know if he was being genuine or trying to be one step ahead of you in the games. ARMYs, watch out!

4. TXT Soobin

Soobin(Photo : TXT Twitter)

The TXT members themselves have discussed this, and they agree Soobin will survive until the end out of sheer luck! While they did not go into the specifics, Soobin stated that he would fight his way to survive. The member who they believe will die just before the game’s end is Huening Kai!

5. SHINee Minho

Minho(Photo : Minho Instagram)

Flaming Charisma Minho is known for being highly competitive in games, doing anything to win. He knows how to work individually and in teams. It definitely helps that Minho has a great physical condition; his body is strong, and he is able to endure lots of manual labor. Out of his competitiveness, Minho would definitely survive!

6. WayV Ten

Ten(Photo : Ten Instagram)

WayV member Ten could definitely make it to the end due to how conniving he can be! To those who have seen WayV’s programs, such as Dream Plan and WayVision, you would have definitely seen how strategic Ten is whenever he wants to win!

7. Red Velvet Irene

Irene(Photo : Irene Instagram)

Red Velvet member Irene is known as a female K-pop idol who is a master at games. She is quiet but competitive and will do whatever it takes to win. She is a quick learner and fast thinker, and others will likely be scared of her the most in the games!

8. TWICE Tzuyu

Tzuyu(Photo : TWICE Instagram)

The TWICE members have also discussed their possible fates if they were to compete on Squid Game, and they agreed that Tzuyu would have a high chance of surviving! Though quiet, the idol is quick and intelligent and would probably be the underdog of the whole game. If you aren’t paying attention, you might just lose to Tzuyu without realizing it!

9. NCT Haechan

Haechan(Photo : NCT Dream Twitter)

NCTzens know that when Haechan plays a game, he refuses to lose. He is persuasive and could most likely get people to believe in him, then turn his back on them to win the prize. It is nothing personal, of course — it is just a game.

10. EXO Chanyeol

Chanyeol(Photo : Chanyeol Instagram)

EXO member Chanyeol is another male K-pop idol who is known to not back down during a game. His brute force and his competitiveness working together will allow him to persevere in the games, and he will ultimately end up victorious!

Source: KpopStarz