10+  K-Pop Idols With The Cutest Nicknames That Make You Interested


10+ K-Pop Idols With The Cutest Nicknames That Make You Interested

Most K-Pop idols already go by a screen name, but they also have a plethora of cute nicknames that will make you smile.We all have nicknames, and they

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Most K-Pop idols already go by a screen name, but they also have a plethora of cute nicknames that will make you smile.

We all have nicknames, and they’re all associated with funny, cute, happy, or even embarrassing moments in our lives. Sometimes, we barely get to hear people address us by our real names anymore, because our nicknames are so much more fun to use!

K-Pop idols are no exception to the rule. Nicknames are so big in the entertainment industry that artists even give their fans nicknames (right, Moomoos, ARMY, Shawols, and Carats?).

From SHINee and BTS all the way to MAMAMOO and ASTRO, each idol has been dubbed with a cute nickname that will now forever be part of their identities.

1. BTS’ Jin

BTS Permission to danceImage from Big Hit Music

  • Worldwide Handsome

It’s no secret that this silver vocalist doesn’t shy away from acknowledging how handsome he is, and who are we to argue with that? Jin gave himself this nickname when he realized that his beauty is an international phenomenon. Cultural reset, indeed.

  • Car Door Guy

Jin earned this nickname when he went viral for stepping out of a car looking extremely handsome at the 2015 Melon Music Awards. Rumor has it that no one was able to outdo this iconic moment yet…

  • The Third Guy From The Left

Going viral seems to be Jin’s forte, because he gained this nickname when his face broke the internet during BTS’ appearance at the Billboard Music Awards.

2. SHINEE’s Taemin

SHINee's Taemin Dominates iTunes Charts With 3rd Mini-Album "Advice"

  • Baby Cheese

Baby Cheese is the most adorable nickname we’ve ever heard, and it’s all thanks to SHINee’s 10th anniversary video in 2018. Taemin was shown buying a bunch of items that were unrelated to the main course that the group was going to prepare, and one of those items happened to be cheese…for babies. Hence, Baby Cheese. Awwww…

  • Idol’s Idol

Being one of the youngest people to ever debut in a K-Pop group, Taemin was a cute 14-year-old who grew up into one of the most talented performers in the world. His artistry and massive impact have earned him the awesome nickname of “Idol’s Idol”.

  • Magic Hands 

Rumor has it that Taemin’s talents go beyond singing and dancing. Apparently, he also has a knack for breaking or losing many things that his hands come in contact with. Now, you see it…now, you don’t.

3. Jackson Wang

Jackson Wang(Photo from Team Wang’s Weibo)

  • Wang Puppy

Jackson Wang is a charming performer who is also gifted with tireless energy and positivity. So, it’s no surprise that fans dubbed him “Wang Puppy”. Ah, our hearts…

4. BTS’ V

Image From Big Hit Music

  • Winter Bear

According to fans, V shared that his parents call him “baby bear” and “honey bear”. Also, he wrote the profound lullaby, “Winter Bear”. So, that explains the endearing nickname. We’re going to attempt to hibernate now…

  • Tae Tae

Short for Taehyung!

  • Hansung

Some ARMYs first saw V when he portrayed the role of the playful and peppy warrior named Hansung in the K-Drama, Hwarang. So, this nickname stuck. (We miss you, Hansung!)

  • Living Anime

Do we even need to explain this one? Just look at him.

5. BTS’ Suga

BTS Permission to danceImage from Big Hit Music

  • The Sovereign

He’s the king. He’s the boss…

  • Min Genius

Suga’s real name is Min Yoongi. Suga is also a genius who produces music that will hit you right in the feels. Mix them together, and you get “Min Genius”. So accurate…

  • Lil’ Meow Meow

Height-wise, Suga is the tiniest member of BTS, so fans aptly nicknames him “Lil Meow Meow”. Moreover, this master rapper is also known for his mysterious and serious demeanor, but once he flashes that gummy smile, you know that his cuddly side is about to come out to play!

Don’t let the height fool you, though; Suga can rock any outfit like a model, can beat you at basketball, and is a performer of epic proportions. We love you, Lil’ Meow Meow!

6. BTS’ Jungkook

BTS JungkookImage From Big Hit Music

  • The Golden Maknae

Jungkook is incredibly talented. He can sing like an angel. He bust a move like master dancer. His talent for drawing and painting can give Van Gogh a run for his money. He can outrun anyone at an obstacle course. Let’s just put it this way: Jeon Jungkook can do anything…(except for break out of an escape room, but you’ll have to watch Run BTS to see that one!)

  • Kookie

Short for Jungkook! It’s also the name of his BT21 character, a cute pink bunny with mischievous charm and an eyebrow with sass.

7. Seventeen’s Hoshi

  • Ten Ten / 10:10

Seventeen’s Hoshi is a force to be reckoned with, and it shows every time he sets foot on stage. His quirky nickname refers to his lovely slanted eyes that seem to mimic the hour and minute hands of a clock at 10:10. That’s so well thought out, we can’t even…

Ten Ten is a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10!

8. iKon’s Bobby

ikon bobby

  • Gimbap

This one is so witty, because it’s a mashup of his stage name and his surname, Kim. And it’s as cute and lovable as Bobby is! We’re totally craving a huge serving of gimbap right now, by the way.

9. MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul

  • Conservative Moon

This 92-liner is a rapper who can rap like a queen. Her name itself shows just how much of a superstar she really is; Moon+Byul (Star)= Moon star! She’s also proof that girls don’t need to show a lot if skin just to be noticed, because talent is more than enough. Go shine, Conservative Moon!

10. MAMAMOO’s Solar

  • MC Dduk

Living up to her name, Solar is always a ray of sunshine who can light up an entire city with her enchanting smile. MC Dduk is a quirky alter ego that she coined for herself, and it effectively demonstrates her cool side.

11. Astro’s Cha Eun Woo

astro cha eun wooImage From Fantagio

  • Butt-Min

We’re sure that this one will make you laugh out loud. Cha Eun Woo once said that he thinks his butt is kind of on the larger side, and since his real name is Lee Dong Min, he is now stuck with the nickname, Butt-Min. LOL.

  • Morning alarm

Ah, yes, morning people; they are so rare. Luckily, Astro’s resident visual is one of those people who happily rises early in the morning to seize the day and to serve as everyone’s morning alarm (the most beautiful morning alarm ever, BTW. If he woke us up at 6 AM to go for a jog and have breakfast, we wouldn’t even be mad.). Rise and shine, sunshines!

Source: HelloKpop