3 Spine-Chilling ‘The Glory’ Moments Featuring Lim Ji Yeon


3 Spine-Chilling ‘The Glory’ Moments Featuring Lim Ji Yeon

Without a doubt, Lim Ji Yeon's performance as the villain made Netflix's "The Glory" an international hit.Apart from Song Hye Kyo, she is one of the f

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Without a doubt, Lim Ji Yeon’s performance as the villain made Netflix’s “The Glory” an international hit.

Apart from Song Hye Kyo, she is one of the factors why the public loved the work. Since its release, “The Glory” has topped the Netflix global charts, proving its success.

While the drama entices more viewers, here are Lim Ji Yeon’s spine-chilling moments in “The Glory”!

1. Park Yeon Jin’s Visit To Moon Dong Eun’s Gym

In the first part of the drama, Park Yeon Jin, played by Lim Ji Yeon, is threatened by the ghost of her past.

'The Glory' Stills(Photo : Netflix Korea Official)

Lim Ji Yeon

Moon Dong Eun, played by Song Hye Kyo, had been Park Yeon Jin’s underdog whom she bullied and tortured. After 18 years, she returns to avenge herself.

Park Yeon Jin doesn’t back down easily and puts on a fight. In one episode, she asks Moon Dong Eun how much she owes her, including physical and mental damages.

She also left the viewers speechless when she calls Moon Dong Eun a “good for nothing woman” who is loved by no one.

2. A Daughter’s Cry For Help

In Part 2 of “The Glory,” Park Yeon Jin slowly realizes that Moon Dong Eun isn’t joking when she said she’ll avenge herself.

Lim Ji Yeon(Photo : Vogue Korea Official)

Because of this, things become shaky for her. Even her own husband and daughter disowned her after discovering the crimes that she committed when she was younger.

However, the nail in the coffin is her mother turning her back on her to save herself from being arrested by the cops.

Park Yeon Jin witnesses everything crumble down in front of her. Her mother released another blow when she said that she won’t “go down with her,” proving how easy it is to throw her under the bus to save her own life.

Her screams and cries for help were phenomenal, impressing not only the viewers but also critics around the world.

3. Weather Forecast Inside Prison

In the final episode of “The Glory,” Park Yeon Jin finally receives the punishment she deserves.

While her friends also suffer from the results of what they sowed in the past, Moon Dong Eun welcomes Park Yeon Jin to prison; her own hell where she’s left with no one, not even her loved ones nor glory.

Lim Ji Yeon(Photo : Vogue Korea Official)

The scene where she forecasts the weather in front of other inmates to avoid getting beat up was a core moment in the series, showcasing how she fell from the top to bottom in a span of time.

In particular, many fans were satisfied after seeing Park Yeon Jin be ignored by her mother inside prison, acting like she doesn’t know her own daughter at all.

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