5 Fan-Favorite Scenes From Song Hye Kyo’s ‘The Glory’


5 Fan-Favorite Scenes From Song Hye Kyo’s ‘The Glory’

Amidst the massive influx of K-Dramas on Netflix, Song Hye Kyo's revenge drama "The Glory" has instantly captured the viewers and become everyone's mo

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Amidst the massive influx of K-Dramas on Netflix, Song Hye Kyo’s revenge drama “The Glory” has instantly captured the viewers and become everyone’s most favorite series.

With the success of “The Glory,” here are the five unforgettable moments from the series that left a great impact on fans all around the globe. Read on to know more.

Moon Dong Eun’s Dream

“The Glory” follows the story of Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo), a victim of school violence, who becomes a teacher to her petrators’ child to avenge her painful past.

'The Glory' Stills(Photo : Netflix Korea Official)

Shin Ye Eun, Jung Ji So

Part 1 took viewers back in time and showed how Moon Dong Eun survived Park Yeon Jin’s (Lim Ji Yeon) abuse and torture inside the huge prison that is their school gym.

Much to Park Yeon Jin and her gang’s surprise, Moon Dong Eun saunters inside the gym where she was tortured, head held high.

She declares that Park Yeon Jin is her dream and she hopes to see her again someday with a smile, heralding her thoroughly planned revenge.

Park Yeon Jin’s Crowning Moment

Years later, Moon Dong Eun reunites with Park Yeon Jin at the same gym where she was tortured.

'The Glory' Stills(Photo : Netflix Korea Official)

Lim Ji Yeon

As the latter receives an honorable award, Moon Dong Eun congratulates her with a mocking tone in her voice which catches the attention of the people around them.

Moon Dong Eun’s “Bravo! You’re amazing, Yeon Jin!” has gone viral since its premiere not only in South Korea but also in other Asian countries.

In addition to that, many idols and actors in the South Korean industry also recreated the scene, proving the drama’s popularity.

Moon Dong Eun’s Executioner

In Part 1, Moon Dong Eun bares her soul to Joo Yeo Jeong (Lee Do Hyun), a plastic surgeon who declared his affection for her.

'The Glory' Stills(Photo : Netflix Korea Official)

Lee Do Hyun

Due to her painful past, she couldn’t move forward without anxiety. Thankfully, Joo Yeo Jeong doesn’t judge her nor her appearance.

When he sees the scars on her body, Joo Yeo Jeong volunteers to be her executioner and do all her dirty work for her.

His line “I’ll join the hunt. Who do you want me to kill first?” sent fans to haywire. Many claim that his statement is a hundred times better than “I love you”!

Park Yeon Jin Goes To Hell

After 18 long years of getting away from her crimes, Park Yeon Jin finally enters her much deserved hell.

thank god for the writer for not giving her a backstory that could give viewers the slightest hope for her redemption. people don’t need backstories to be evil. she’s finally in hell.#TheGlory #TheGlory2 pic.twitter.com/yJ8hGcHGF3

— Mary. (@pearlnquartz) March 11, 2023

 Alone and cold, Park Yeon Jin has no friends, no families to love her. Even her own mother and daughter disowned her. Like Moon Dong Eun from ages ago, she has no glory left in her.

Although fans think that her punishment is still subdued, seeing Park Yeon Jin rot inside a prison cell-which is a place so different from the environment she grew up in-is such a satisfying treat!

Moon Dong Eun’s Angel Trumpet Flowers

At the end of the drama, Moon Dong Eun restarts her life as a working student. She also lives with Joo Yeo Jeong who is now her beloved boyfriend and partner in life.

'The Glory' Still(Photo : Netflix Korea Official) Song Hye Kyo

Though her boyfriend is a plastic surgeon, she chose not to get her scars treated as these were solid evidence that she survived her greatest hurdle in life.

She instead tattooed an angel’s trumpet on her arm, a flower that symbolizes life and resurrection, which is also the drama’s feature flower.

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