5+ Female Idols are the Visual Aces of K-Pop


5+ Female Idols are the Visual Aces of K-Pop

Drum roll, please! Here are the nine female idols who are hailed as visual aces in the K-pop industry!1. IVE Jang Wonyoung(Photo : IVE Twitter)Jang Wo

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Drum roll, please! Here are the nine female idols who are hailed as visual aces in the K-pop industry!

1. IVE Jang Wonyoung

Jang Wonyoung(Photo : IVE Twitter)

Jang Wonyoung is arguably one of the hottest names in K-pop right now. She gained fame as a member of IZ*ONE and boosted herself to stardom as a member of IVE. The idol was praised for her doll-like beauty, and her body proportions became the envy of many.

2. aespa Karina

Karina(Photo : aespa Twitter)

Since she was first introduced, aespa member Karina became envied for her AI-like beauty. Her face is delicate yet unique. During aespa’s time in New York, everyone was shocked with her visual upgrade, with some saying she looked like a local student in New York. In addition, she was praised for her girl-next-door look and her stunning physique.

3. ITZY Yuna

Yuna(Photo : ITZY Twitter)

Yuna was known as “Real Life Little Mermaid” when she first debuted, thanks to her red hair. Though she has ditched the color, the idol is still praised for her visuals. Yuna is known for her stunning visuals and fantastic figure. She has a tiny waist and gorgeous curves.

Yuna has revealed that she is 46.8kg and does not go on extreme diets, only exercising and making sure to not eat after 6:00 PM.

4. (G)I-DLE Miyeon

Miyeon(Photo : (G)I-DLE Twitter)

Not only does Miyeon have a good singing voice, but she is also incredibly gorgeous. During her surprise appearance on “Kingdom: Legendary War,” Miyeon performed with BTOB member Minhyuk, acting as his lover. Despite how she first appeared as a silhouette, just her nose bridge brought compliments from viewers.

Miyeon was praised for her thin shoulder and anime-like visuals when she appeared in a white dress.


Jennie(Photo : Calvin Klein Instagram)

BLACKPINK member Jennie is known for her sexy, feline beauty. The idol is a total hottie with her Calvin Klein pictorial in May 2021. Jennie manages her figure well, going to pilates classes and going to dance practices even during the group’s breaks. As a result, the “SOLO” songstress is blessed with stunning abs, gorgeous shoulder lines, and a pretty face!

6. aespa Winter

Winter(Photo : aespa Twitter)

The second aespa member on this list, Winter has been praised for her beauty since her debut. Her delicate face is suitable for any hairstyle. From long, blonde hair to a short bob, Winter pulls it off flawlessly. In addition, winter can look both innocent and charismatic, switching from concepts in a snap!

7. Girls’ Generation Yoona

Yoona(Photo : Yoona Instagram)

Girls’ Generation member Yoona is known as one of the top beauties of SM Entertainment. Though she has always been praised for her appearance, she sent fans into a frenzy during the 2021 MBC Gayo Daejejeon. For her performance of “Senorita” with 2PM’s Junho, she wore a red outfit that showed off her tiny waist and stunning shoulder. The outfit also enhanced her tall figure.

8. Kep1er Kim Chaehyun

Chaehyun(Photo : Kep1er Twitter)

When she first appeared on “Girls Planet 999,” Kim Chaehyun went viral for her visuals. People claimed she looked like a mix of Red Velvet’s Irene, Wendy, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, and Lee Yeonhee. She also gained fame as an almost-member of aespa, as she had trained under SM Entertainment.

When she debuted with Kep1er, Kim Chaehyun shocked everyone with her bright pink hair that elevated her beauty to another level. In addition, Kim Chaehyun earned praise for her fresh and lovely aura.

9. TWICE Tzuyu

Tzuyu(Photo : TWICE Instagram)

Taiwanese beauty Tzuyu has ranked in the top ten of TC Candler’s “Most Beautiful Faces in the World” list, even ranking at the top in 2019. Tzuyu has rocked long hair since her debut, but during TWICE’s concerts in Seoul in December 2021, Tzuyu chopped off her hair and donned short shoulder-length hair.

People praised the new look, saying it made her look more chic and energetic. But, no matter what style she rocks, Tzuyu is beautiful!

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