5 Idols Often Get Mistaken As Mixed Race But Are Actually Pure Korean


5 Idols Often Get Mistaken As Mixed Race But Are Actually Pure Korean

If you're a newbie in the K-pop scene, you might assume that these five stars are mixed race— but they are all 100% Korean!In particular, these five i

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If you’re a newbie in the K-pop scene, you might assume that these five stars are mixed race— but they are all 100% Korean!

In particular, these five idols are born Korean and their ancestral backgrounds were also rooted deep in Korean culture.

However, due to some of their features and gestures unique to Koreans, they were often mistaken as mixed race.

Here Are 5 Korean Idols Often Mistaken As Mixed Race:

1. BTOB Peniel

Peniel(Photo : BTOB Official Instagram Account)


Maybe because of the fact that Peniel spent most of his life in Chicago, USA that a lot of K-pop enthusiasts were confusing him as a mixed race. This is not to mention his proficient English-speaking skills, and poor Korean when he’s just starting his career as an idol.

Appearance-wise, Peniel also possesses big round eyes and wide jawlines unique to Koreans.

Despite these attributes, Peniel is 100% Korean! He was born to two Korean parents and he also has a Korean name, Shin Dong Geun.

2. Red Velvet Wendy

Red Velvet member Wendy(Photo : Red Velvet member Wendy Official Instagram Account)

Just like Peniel, the “Like Water” singer also grew up in a foreign country, specifically in the USA and Canada where she spent most of her teens.

It wasn’t until she dreamt of becoming a singer that she went back to Korea. When she debuted, a lot of K-pop fans mistook her for a mixed race due to her stage name Wendy, not to mention her fair skin and incredible English skills.

But, yes, Wendy, also known as Son Seungwan is pure Korean!


BLACKPINK Jennie(Photo : Instagram: @jennierubyjane)


When Jennie debuted, the trendsetter initially became a hot topic as an idol who came from New Zealand. Aside from her being an impressive English speaker, the “SOLO” singer’s name ‘Jennie Ruby Jane’ also strengthen the claim that one of her parents might be a foreigner.

However, during her appearance in “Knowing Bros,” Jennie clarified that she doesn’t have any Korean name because Jennie (Je Ni) is her true name! To date, there are still people who think that she’s mixed race since she has yet to confirm if “Ruby Jane” is actually part of her name abroad.


Seventeen S.Coups, sniping women's hearts with boyfriend-looking photos(Photo : S.Coups Instagram)

S Coups, the leader of the hot icon SEVENTEEN’s visuals explained it all why she was often mistaken as mixed race. Aside from his fair skin, he also has deep double eyelids, round eyes, thick eyebrows and long eyelashes.

Among K-pop idols, S Coups’ stage name sounds unique as well and you would think it was a name from a foreign country.

But just like the aforementioned stars, Choi Seung Chul was also born to Korean parents.

5. VIXX Ken

vixx ken(Photo : VIXX Ken 

One look and you would think that Ken’s high-bridged nose is rare for pure-blooded Koreans to have, or Asian in general. Seeing him in blonde hair will make it harder for you to think that he’s not a mixed race!

Despite his exotic gorgeous look, Ken is also pure Korean!

Source: KpopStarz