5 K-Pop Groups That Have Alternate Universes


5 K-Pop Groups That Have Alternate Universes

With the development of digital content and technology, more and more companies are exploring the world of alternate universes as part of their groups

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With the development of digital content and technology, more and more companies are exploring the world of alternate universes as part of their groups’ concepts. While some create fictional universes through storylines, there are also those who make use of advanced technology, such as artificial intelligence (AI), and incorporate it into their own universe.

With that, check out these five K-Pop groups who have their own universes!


LOONA(Photo : Facebook: LOONA)


“Paint The Town” hitmakers LOONA has their own universe called LOONAVERSE that exists on a möbius strip, and has been in existence since 2017. LOONAVERSE is divided between three sub-units: LOONA 1/3 who are residing on earth and portraying normal girls; ODD EYE CIRCLE who lives between Earth and space, which is also known as Middle Earth where the members display mutative characteristics; and Edenism, where LOONA yyxy resides beyond Earth and Middle Earth, and hopes to escape from to discover themselves.

Each sub-unit has their own characteristics which can be seen in their music videos and timeline of events, which creates numerous theories among LOONA fans and how LOONAVERSE ties with each other.


ATEEZ(Photo : Facebook: ATEEZ)


ATEEZ’s own alternate universe is called Strictland. In this universe, all forms of art and expression are deemed criminal activities. Hence, the members of ATEEZ’s entire purpose it to be able to break free from such a corrupt system, and bring back the very essence of happiness through their music videos.

3. EXO

EXO(Photo : Twitter: @weareoneEXO)


For EXO, it is said that the members originated from a place called EXO Planet who have come to Earth to protect the tree of life. Each of the members also have their own superpowers, in which can be seen and further understood through EXO’s music videos.

EXO Planet is also incorporated into SM Entertainment’s own cultural universe.

4. BTS

BTS(Photo : Twitter: @bts_twt)


BTS’ own universe is simply called BTS Universe. In this universe, the story is centered on a series of short films and music videos that are produced by the group and their label. Each of the members play their own character, and showcase an intricate and artistic take on BTS’ music and their fans, ARMY.

From their short films and music videos, the BTS Universe had expanded to mobile games, webtoons, books, and more.

5. aespa

aespa(Photo : Twitter: @aespa_official)


One of the most popular groups who are known for the alternate universe is aespa! For aespa’s concept as a group, they have an alternate universe called FLAT that is resided by the “aes,” which are the members’ A.I avatars and are created from the data that their human counterparts have uploaded online. Like EXO Planet, aespa’s universe co-exists in SM Entertainment’s cultural universe.

Which other groups do you know have an alternate universe?

Source: Koreaboo