5 Most C.o.n.t.r.o.v.e.r.s.i.a.l Korean Celebrities in the First Half of 2022


5 Most C.o.n.t.r.o.v.e.r.s.i.a.l Korean Celebrities in the First Half of 2022

Despite appearing in many popular K-Dramas, some of the fan-favorite stars have to deal with negativity like controversies or poor response for their

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Despite appearing in many popular K-Dramas, some of the fan-favorite stars have to deal with negativity like controversies or poor response for their performances.

Most times, actors get embroiled in controversies with varying gravity. These greatly affect their career especially in the widespread “cancel culture” in today’s generation.

Here are five controversial Korean stars who were involved in issues and other backlash!

Park Ji Hu

Rookie actress Park Ji Hu, who starred in the international apocalyptic hit series “All of Us Are Dead,” was under fire for her poor acting performance.

Park Ji Hoo Knowing Bros(Photo : Knowing Brothers Official Instagram)

Fans and viewers, both domestic and international, nit-picked the rising star’s skills. Her stiff expressions were deemed lackluster and disappointing compared to the rest of the cast.

All of Us Are Dead Park Ji Hoo  (Photo : Netflix Korea)

All of Us Are Dead Park Ji Hoo

Her character also didn’t help as most audiences hated the pessimistic On Jo.

SF9 Rowoon

After his critically acclaimed historical series “The King’s Affection,” SF9 Rowoon transformed into a charismatic rookie grim reaper in the MBC drama “Tomorrow.”

Tomorrow SF9 Rowoon(Photo : MBC)

Sadly, his portrayal of Choi Joon Woong failed to meet the audience’s expectations, saying that the role wasn’t suited for him.

SF9 Rowoon for Tomorrow(Photo : MBC)

SF9 Rowoon for Tomorrow

He gained mixed reactions from the public, pointing out how he fell behind in comparison to Lee Soo Hyuk and Kim Hee Sun, who were given more screen time for their impeccable performances.

Kim Sae Ron

Earlier in May, popular actress Kim Sae Ron was caught in a DUI controversy, and is currently reportedly facing lawsuits from production companies.

Kim Sae Ron(Photo : Kim Sae Ron Official Instagram)

She and her agency, Gold Medalist, issues an official apology to everyone who were inconvenienced by the incident. To show remorse, she also withdrew from the production of her upcoming K-Drama “Trolley.”

As for her new drama “Bloodhounds,” the actress didn’t pull out from her role. According to the production unit of the Netflix series, the drama could sue the actress for possible losses and damages.

Kim Sae Ron(Photo : Kim Sae Ron’s Instagram)

Since Kim Sae Ron portrays one of its lead characters, they are required to reshoot portions of the scenes that feature the actress.

It is common knowledge that companies can sue actors to recover the costs incurred due to refilming after celebrities find themselves trapped in issues.

Kim Sae Ron(Photo : Kim Sae Ron’s Instagram)

Currently, Kim Sae Ron along with her agency are actively engaging with the public to resolve problems promptly. They also guarantee to do their best to care for their artists, so incidents do not occur again.

Kim So Hyun

As a musical actress, Kim So Hyun is expected to show a grandeur performance as adult Na Hee Do in the blockbuster drama “Twenty Five, Twenty One.”

10 Korean Actors With Same Names: Kim So Hyun, Lee Min Ho, More(Photo : Palm Tree Island)

Kim So Hyun

However, the musical actress disappointed many viewers for her mediocre performance, which comes off as slightly “annoying.”

Compared to Kim Tae Ri’s young, bright and positive Na Hee Do, Kim So Hyun has a gloomy and tired version which seemed like a completely different character.

Seo Ye Ji

Actress Seo Ye Ji captured the public’s attention with her performance in the drama “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay.”

Seo Ye Ji(Photo : Gold Medalist Official Instagram)

However, her budding fame was smeared with controversy as she was involved in a gaslighting scandal with ex-boyfriend Kim Jung Hyun.

The scandal stated that the actress ordered her then boyfriend to refrain from performing intimate scenes with her female co-stars including Girls’ Generation Seohyun.

Seo Ye Ji(Photo : Gold Medalist Ent. Instagram)

Seo Ye Ji also faced numerous bullying allegations in the past year. The actress apologized for her wrong behavior and took a hiatus to reflect on herself.

This 2022, she returns to the small screen with new revenge drama “Eve,” which is one of the most anticipated works today. Unfortunately, her past issues resurfaced, and is set to face a lawsuit for the damages caused by her past scandal.

Seo Ye Ji(Photo : tvN’s Official Instagram)

Seo Ye Ji is Classy & Fierce in New ‘Eve’ Poster

After many detailed discussions, Seo Ye Ji and her company, Gold Medalist, come to an agreement. Seo Ye Ji promises to do better and reclaim herself through her upcoming drama “Eve” this June.

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