8 Underrated K-pop Boy Group Vocalists


8 Underrated K-pop Boy Group Vocalists

In K-pop, fans adore and love main vocalists that have showed off thier singing talents. However, not all idol singers are appreciated by their fans a

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In K-pop, fans adore and love main vocalists that have showed off thier singing talents. However, not all idol singers are appreciated by their fans and the public like they are suppose to be.

That is why we have lsited 6 underrated vocalists that you need to listen more. 

Young K (DAY6)

First on our list is DAY6 bassist and composer, Young K.

Young K(Photo : DAY6 Twitter)

Young K

Day6 as a group is fairly underappreciated, especially their vocals. Young K is one of the vocalists of DAY6 as four members have outstanding voices. 

Sungjin, Jae, Wonpil, and he all take turns in singing and showing off their singing skills in their songs. However, there are many times that Young K is more appreciated as a composer rather than a singer. 

He has a very unique voice that you will recognize as soon as you hear him sing. He even released solo songs last year.

Watch his music video here and here and appreciate the beauty of his vocals. 

SF9 Rowoon

The center and visual of SF9 have more to offer than his pretty face.

SF9 Rowoon(Photo : Facebook: SF9)

Rowoon is known as an actor to many but this SF9 member is also a great vocalist. He is only a lead vocal to the boy group but he can definitely make you swoon with his voice. 

Watch his singing here and here and appreciate his simple but beautiful voice.

Youngjae (GOT7)

The main vocalist of GOT7 is definitely one of the most underrated main vocals of his generation.

GOT7 Youngjae(Photo : Instagram: @333cyj333)

GOT7 Youngjae

Youngjae as an idol is pretty much underrated as he is not that known outside of the GOT7 fandom. 

This amazing singer has more of an R&B and ballad type of voice rather than pop and dance tracks. He is also great at high notes that you can clearly hear in their songs. 

He amazed the public after going to the “Masked Singer” and singing a beautiful ballad song

After leaving JYP Entertainment he debuted as a solo artist. 

Watch his solo song here

Xiaojun (NCT)

SM Entertainment is known to have many great vocalists and this WayV member is one of the proofs.

WayV Xiaojun(Photo : Xiaojun Instagram)

WayV Xiaojun

Xiaojun is being buried by other more well-known NCT members as being great singers. When he visited the Lee Mujin “Service” YouTube show, he sang different songs to showcase his vocals because SM Entertainment is not doing it.

He joined SM a bit later, in 2018, so other NCT vocalists have established themselves already. However, he can definitely hold a candle when it comes to his singing talents. 

Watch this compilation of him singing different songs. 

Kihyun (MONSTA X)

Another underrated main vocal of the 3rd generation is this MONSTA X member.

MONSTA X Kihyun VOYAGER(Photo : Instagram: @yookihhh)

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Kihyun of MONSTA X can belt any note that you give him. He also suits rock songs the most, though he can definitely sing any genre that is available. 

Watch his cover of Imagine Dragons’ famous song “Believer” here

He has also released a solo album “Voyager”. Watch its music video

Ken (VIXX)

Though Ken is technically not the main vocalist of VIXX, he is as good as Leo. he only trained 5 months before his debut.

VIXX KEN, dignified recent status during military service(Photo : KEN Instagram)

Also, he was not a great dancer but he still passed his auditions to Jellyfish Entertainment because he was that good at singing. 

He was just discharged from the army earlier this year and has not released any new music. However, he is still updating his fans through his Instagram account. 

Watch his soulful singing here and fall in love with his voice. 

Source: KpopStarz