BLACKPINK Rosé Achieves New Record on Spotify with ‘On The Ground’


BLACKPINK Rosé Achieves New Record on Spotify with ‘On The Ground’

BLACKPINK Rosé has attained another notable milestone on Spotify with her solo debut song "On The Ground"!On March 12, BLACKPINK Rosé made her long-aw

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BLACKPINK Rosé has attained another notable milestone on Spotify with her solo debut song “On The Ground”!

On March 12, BLACKPINK Rosé made her long-awaited solo debut with her single album “R,” featuring the title track “On The Ground.” Following its release, the song becomes an instant hit, breaking and setting records on different music charts and streaming platforms.

Recently, Rosé’s “On The Ground” has achieved a new major feat on Spotify. Find out more in the article!

BLACKPINK Rosé’s “On The Ground” Becomes Fastest Debut Song to Reach This Milestone on Spotify

On May 23, Chart Data announced that “On The Ground” by BLACKPINK Rosé has scored a new achievement.

In particular, “On The Ground” has already exceeded 100 million streams on Spotify. It took only 71 days to reach that certain number of streams on the platform.

BLACKPINK Rose(Photo : Rose Instagram)

Because of this, BLACKPINK Rosé has become the fastest Korean female solo artist to reach 100 million streams on Spotify. Additionally, her solo track “On The Ground” is now the fastest debut song by a Korean artist to obtain the milestone.

This past March, BLACKPINK member Rosé also achieved the record of being the first Korean solo artist in history to hit 10 million monthly listeners on Spotify. Considering the fact that she only has two solo tracks so far makes this achievement more impressive.

This May, Rosé has more than 12 million monthly listeners and has exceeded 700,000 followers on Spotify.

Furthermore, BLACKPINK Rosé’s “On The Ground” is one of the biggest 2021 songs debuts on Spotify. To date, the track sits at No. 2 on the list with 4.64 million streams. It now comes after BTS’s new single “Butter” with 20.88 million streams.

Rosé’s “Gone,” the B-side song from her debut single album “R,” comes third on the list, having 4.01 million streams.

BLACKPINK Rosé Makes History with First Platinum Certifications from Gaon Chart

Aside from reaching 100 million streams on Spotify with “On The Ground,” BLACKPINK Rosé has set another new record this May with her solo debut single album “R.”

Early this month, Gaon Chart unveiled the list of albums and songs that recently earned certifications for attaining a certain number of album copies sold and streams, respectively.

Among the six albums that were named platinum is BLACKPINK Rosé’s “R.” In South Korea, an album only receives a platinum certification after it has sold 250,000 copies. Because of this, Rosé has become one of the first female solo artists in South Korean history to do so, along with the “LILAC” singer, IU.

BLACKPINK Rose(Photo : Rose Instagram)

As a member of BLACKPINK, Rosé has now collected four platinum certifications, with the quartet’s first full-length album “THE AlBUM.”

BLACKPINK Rosé’s “R” was a bestseller when it was officially released, selling more than half a million copies in just a few months. With this, the “On The Ground” singer becomes the first female K-pop solo artist to achieve this feat in 19 years.

“R” even broke the record of the highest first-week album sales by a Korean female soloist, selling more than 400,000 copies in only four days.