Dispatch Selects the 9 Female Idols With Perfect Proportions


Dispatch Selects the 9 Female Idols With Perfect Proportions

Back in July 6, Dispatch took their official Instagram account, @koreadispatch, to name the idol's with well proportioned figures. Want to know who Di

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Back in July 6, Dispatch took their official Instagram account, @koreadispatch, to name the idol’s with well proportioned figures. Want to know who Dispatch selected? Then keep on reading!


Jennie(Photo : Jennie Instagram)

Though Jennie stands at only 163cm (5’4″) tall, the idol’s proportions make her look taller than she actually is. She has gone viral for her slim waist and slender physique. Previously, in a survey held by Job Korea and Albamon, Korean women said they wanted a body like Jennie’s.

2. Red Velvet Joy

Joy(Photo : Joy Instagram)

Joy, who has been dubbed as Red Velvet’s “sexy dynamite,” is known as the member with the best figure. According to her profile, Joy is 158cm (5’6″) tall, and her model-like proportions make her look even taller. When she was younger, she was even told by adults to join Miss Korea due to her height and visuals!

3. TWICE Tzuyu

Tzuyu(Photo : News1)

TWICE’s maknae Tzuyu just so happens to be their visual, as well as their tallest member, standing at 170cm (5’7″) tall. This idol’s visuals and proportions are acknowledged worldwide, with the Taiwanese idol ranking number one in TC Candler’s “Most Beautiful Faces of 2019” list.

4. WJSN Luda

Luda(Photo : News1)

Luda was the most popular member of WJSN prior to the group’s debut, and it is no surprise why! The idol may only be 156.7cm (5’2″) tall, but her limbs appear long in photos, making her look slim and tall despite her petite stature.

5. Apink Son Naeun

Son Naeun(Photo : Naeun Instagram)

When talking about idols with ant waists’, we cannot forget Son Naeun. At her thinnest, her waist was just 19 inches, but it is currently 21 inches. The Apink member is known for exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet, which helps her maintain her idol-worthy physique.

6. Oh My Girl YooA

YooA(Photo : YooA Instagram)

Since YooA’s limbs are long, people often believe she is taller than 161cm (5’3″) tall, but the idol leans on the petite side in actuality! Additionally, YooA is known for her small, doll-like face and is often teased by her members due to how cute she looks.


Lisa(Photo : Lisa Instagram)

Lisa is BLACKPINK’s second-tallest member, standing at 166.5cm (5’5.6″) tall. As the Thai idol has been dancing ever since she was young, Lisa’s body is naturally toned, and her metabolism is fast. As mentioned in her rap in “Pretty Savage,” the idol was born skinny!

8. Lovelyz Mijoo

Mijoo(Photo : Mijoo Instagram)

Prior to her debut with Lovelyz, Mijoo was known as the prettiest girl in her town in Okcheon Country, North Chungcheong, South Korea. It is not hard to see why — with her model-like proportions are her tall height (she is 167cm/5’6″ tall), the idol definitely turns heads wherever she goes!

9. TWICE Sana

Sana(Photo : News1)

Last but not least is 1/3 of TWICE’s Japanese line, Sana! Standing at 168cm (5’6″) tall, the sub-vocalist has caught attention numerous times for her glamorous figure and her cute personality.