Girls’ Generation YoonA Made ‘Big Mouth’ Co-Star Lose Focus For Being Too Pretty


Girls’ Generation YoonA Made ‘Big Mouth’ Co-Star Lose Focus For Being Too Pretty

A cast member of the new drama "Big Mouth" spills secrets about what it's like working alongside Girls' Generation's YoonA. There's no doubt that the

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A cast member of the new drama “Big Mouth” spills secrets about what it’s like working alongside Girls’ Generation’s YoonA. There’s no doubt that the singer-actress is among the pretty faces in Hallyu, making her the muse of several top-tier brands. Keep on reading for all the details.

The 32-year-old actress is the lead star of MBC’s newest thriller mystery K-drama opposite Lee Jong Suk.

Viewers will see their undeniable on-screen chemistry as they play a married couple wrapped up in an unexpected scenario.

As obtained by SBS News, “Big Mouth” star Ok Ja Yeon, spoke about her first time being in the same project as the Girls’ Generation member.

‘Big Mouth’ Star Ok Ja Yeon Couldn’t Concentrate Because of Girls’ Generation YoonA’s Beauty

Big Mouth(Photo : MBC)

Big Mouth(Photo : MBC)

In an online press conference ahead of the premiere of “Big Mouth,” lead stars Yoona, Lee Jong Suk, Ok Ja Yeon, Yang Kyung Won, Kim Ju Hun, and director Oh Chung Hwan attended the event to share their thoughts on filming the series.

At the virtual media briefing, Ok Ja Yeon spoke about her experience on set since it was her first time working with most of the cast.

She started with YoonA, whom she praised for having perfect visuals.

“I saw Yoona for the very first time at the read-through. When I saw her, I immediately thought to myself, ‘How am I going to act with such a beautiful person like her?'” she said.

Moreover, the 33-year-old actress doubted if she could deliver her scenes and wouldn’t get lost in YoonA’s beauty.

“I just couldn’t focus on acting properly, as I was too busy studying her pretty face,” she shared. She added, “But what surprised me was that Yoona perfectly acted her character on site,” adding that the singer-actress flawlessly portrayed her character, Go Mi Ho, “so well.”

Co-star Yan Kyung Won shared the same thought and pointed out how YoonA was serious about her role and “puts her whole heart into acting.”

The actor also mentioned how grateful he is working with the Girls’ Generation member, whom he described as someone who is “filled with ambition” and tries “to find ways to do things better at all times.”

Is Lee Jong Suk and YoonA’s New Drama ‘Big Mouth’ Worth the Watch?

Big Mouth (Photo : MBC )

Released on July 29, “Big Mouth” is MBC’s 16-part episode K-drama airing every Friday and Saturday.

It follows the story of a couple in the middle of a life-threatening situation.

Lee Jong Suk plaus the role of Park Chang Ho, a third-rate lawyer with only a 10 percent winning rate. Then, due to unexpected circumstances, he gets involved in a murder case that turns him into a genius con artist known as “Big Mouse.”

Meanwhile, YoonA plays Lee Jing Suk’s on-screen wife, Go Mi Ho, a nurse with a bold personality and outstanding beauty.

Lee Jong Suk Big Mouth(Photo : MBC)

'Big Mouth' Stills(Photo : MBC Official Instagram)

Girls’ Generation Yoona

She works at Gucheon Hospital, run by director Hyun Joo Hee, a mayor’s wife. Ok Ja Yeon plays the character.

Big Mouth(Photo : MBC)

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