Here Are 10 K-Pop’s Fox-Like Visual Idols


Here Are 10 K-Pop’s Fox-Like Visual Idols

Fox-like visuals often refer to people with long, slender eyes that lift upward near the ends. People with these eyes look adorable when they laugh bu

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Fox-like visuals often refer to people with long, slender eyes that lift upward near the ends. People with these eyes look adorable when they laugh but fierce when on stage. Here are ten idols with fox-like visuals!

1. NU’EST Minhyun

Minhyun(Photo : Minhyun Instagram)

While Minhyun first debuted with NU’EST in 2012, he gained fame as a member of Wanna One in 2018 after placing ninth on “Produce 101 Season 2.” Currently, he is active as the lead vocal of NU’EST, capturing hears with not only his honey voice but with his outstanding appearance!

When Minhyun first debuted, people said he looked like actor Lee Joon Ki. When he laughs, his fox eyes also smile, melting the hearts of fans.

2. SHINee Key

Key(Photo : SHINee Twitter)

SHINee member Key is one of the hottest names in the entertainment industry. On top of being a member of one of the biggest K-pop groups, he is a staple for variety shows and is currently a cast member of “Amazing Saturday.” He made his solo debut with “BAD LOVE” in 2021.

Key is not only known for his charming voice and his witty speech but also his fox eyes! His eyes are expressive and electric, capturing people’s attention no matter where he is!

3. Block B Zico

Zico(Photo : Zico Instagram)

Zico is known for his rap skills. Zico debuted with Block B in 2011 and made his solo debut in 2014. Since then, Zico has served as a mentor on “Show Me the Money” and produced songs for his groups and other singers in his circle.

Zico always impressed the audience on stage. One of the factors that capture the hearts of fans is his eyes. With his fox-like eyes, Zico can show his duality by being cute one second then fierce the next!

4. EXO Xiumin

Xiumin(Photo : EXO Twitter)

Xiumin debuted as an EXO member in 2012. At first glance, he could pass off as the maknae, but he is actually the oldest member of the group!

Xiumin is known for his cute visuals, delicate facial features, monolids, and slender eyes that make him look even more adorable when he smiles!

When Xiumin lost his baby weight, his fox-like visuals became more apparent! Following his discharge from the military in 2020, Xiumin has starred in musicals, participated in OSTs and even appeared on variety shows. EXO-L’s can look forward to more Xiumin in 2022!

5. ASTRO Moonbin

Moon Bin(Photo : Moonbin Instagram)

Moonbin made his debut with ASTRO as their lead vocal and main dancer in 2016. Before his debut, he participated in “Star King” in 2009 and appeared as “Little Yunho” in TVXQ’s “Balloon” music video. He also played the younger version of Kim Bum’s character on “Boys Over Flowers.”

The little boy from those times has grown up now, and his pair of warm healing eyes is now paired with superb dancing skills and a friendly voice!

6. Stray Kids I.N

I.N(Photo : Stray Kids Instagram)

I.N is one of the most mentioned fourth-generation male idols when talking about fox-like visuals. Stray Kids amassed a considerable fan base in South Korea following their win on “Kingdom: Legendary War.” He debuted with Stray Kids after competing on the competition show of the same name and is the vocalist and maknae of the group.

His tall nose bridge and eyes that extend upward are incredibly similar to that of a fox, which is why people often compare him to the animal! Some also compare the idol to a fennec fox.

7. TWICE Tzuyu

Tzuyu(Photo : TWICE Instagram)

Tzuyu made her debut as a TWICE member in 2015 after competing in “SIXTEEN.” Most people would say Tzuyu has a dog-like visual, but as her eyes are slender and the ends are slightly extended upward, she actually resembles a fox more! Her v-shaped face also makes her look like a cute little fox!


Jennie(Photo : Jennie Instagram)

Jennie debuted as a member of BLACKPINK in 2016 and made her solo debut in 2018. Jennie’s is one of the most popular fox-like idols, with slender eyes and a small face. When not smiling, she looks sexy, but when she smiles, her eyes turn into little crescents, and she looks adorable!

9. ITZY Yeji

Yeji(Photo : ITZY Instagram)

Yeji made her debut as the leader of ITZY in 2019. Her dancing skills are superb, and she is a capable vocalist. ITZY won their first music program win just nine days after their debut, proving their immense popularity.

Yeji’s small and delicate face paired with her slender, sharp eyes make her look like a fox. When she is not smiling, she can look cold, but when smiling, she seems warm and adorable!

10. Red Velvet Seulgi

Seulgi(Photo : Seulgi Instagram)

Seulgi debuted as the main dancer and lead vocal of Red Velvet in 2014 and debuted with Irene in Red Velvet’s first sub-unit in 2020.

The idol is known for her sharp, slender eyes. Seulgi is known for her fox-like visuals and her adorable smile with her monolid and eyes that raise upwards at the end! On stage, she can surprise you with her fierce glares, but ReveLuvs now that Seulgi is actually a softie!

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