Here’s Why Han So Hee ‘Loves’ Reading Comments by Fans


Here’s Why Han So Hee ‘Loves’ Reading Comments by Fans

Han So Hee once again wowed fans with her stunning visuals as she graced Harper's Bazaar's latest issue. The 27-year-old actress showed off her suprem

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Han So Hee once again wowed fans with her stunning visuals as she graced Harper’s Bazaar’s latest issue.

The 27-year-old actress showed off her supremacy as she teamed up with the publication and Omega for the outlet’s June cover.

To recall, the “My Name” star was recently hailed as the newest muse of the Swiss luxury watch brand.

With this, Han So Hee is Omega’s first Korean actress as their global ambassador, joining Hallyu star Hyun Bin.

As noted by a media outlet, the actress exudes charisma and a captivating aura, making her the perfect muse for Omega.

“We highly appreciate Han So-hee’s passion for work as an actress, and her essential character gives a great inspiration to Omega’s philosophy,” a representative cited, adding “We’re very happy to be with Han So-hee, whose charismatic and captivating aura is in perfect harmony with the brand.”

Han So Hee   (Photo : Han So Hee Instagram)

Han So Hee(Photo : Han So Hee Instagram)

Following her collaboration with the Swiss luxury watch brand, the actress also did an interview with the publication, sharing surprising details.

Did You Know? Han So Hee Reads Comments by Fans

In a question and answer video shared by Harper’s Bazaar Korea, Han So Hee gets honest as she answers 20 questions prepared by the publication.

Han So Hee Harper's Bazaar(Photo : Harper’s Bazaar YouTube screenshot)

One of the questions includes if she reads comments often, to which she agrees. 

According to Han So Hee, she “loves” reading “many comments. It is almost embarrassing.”

For the actress she feels like most of the remarks make her feel as if they have watched her for a long time already.

Moreover, the 27-year-old beauty also explained that reading comments also helped her improve.

“They reprimand me and acknowledge me like they spent time with me for a very long time,” she mentioned; this is also the reason why the actress has an army of supporters and is well-loved by her fans.

Interestingly, Han So Hee also revealed that she likes the weekdays more than the weekends.

While some people often look forward to spending their downtime on the weekends but Han So Hee prefers the other since it’s usually her week off, and says that she “loves the silence” during the weekdays.

Han So Hee’s New Drama

Han So Hee   (Photo : 9Ato EntertainmentOfficial Instagram)

The 27-year-old actress catapulted to fame after landing the lead role in “The World of the Married” alongside Hallyu actress Kim Hee Ae and Park Hae Joon.

From then on, Han So Hee continued to grace various K-dramas as the female lead. It includes her webtoon-based K-drama “Nevertheless” alongside Song Kang and the mega-hit Netflix series “My Name” with Ahn Bo Hyun and versatile actor Park Hee Soon.

The actress then welcomed 2022 with an exciting team-up with Park Hyung Sik for Disney +’s “Soundtrack #1.”

Following her recent K-drama, Han So Hee is set to star alongside Park Seo Joon and “Squid Game” actor Wi Ha Joon for the much-awaited thriller drama series “K Project.”

Han So Hee’s new drama will be helmed by “Hot Stove League” and “It’s Okay Not to Be Okay” director Jung Dong Yoon.

Source: Koreaboo