HYBE Artists Surpasses 50 Million Cumulative Albums Sold in the Past 10 Years on Gaon Chart


HYBE Artists Surpasses 50 Million Cumulative Albums Sold in the Past 10 Years on Gaon Chart

According to Gaon Chart, HYBE has sold 50 million albums in the past decade across all of their artists' releases.HYBE Artists Hits a Total of 50 Mill

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According to Gaon Chart, HYBE has sold 50 million albums in the past decade across all of their artists’ releases.

HYBE Artists Hits a Total of 50 Million Albums Sold in the Last Decade on Gaon Chart

On January 10, Gaon Chart released the cumulative data which they have gathered for the past ten years from January 2011 to November 2021, and consists of the total album sales from both K-Pop solo artists and groups with all of their album releases within the time frame so far.

According to Gaon Chart, HYBE and its music labels: Big Hit Music, Belift Lab, KOZ Entertainment, Pledis Entertainment, and Source Music, have hit 50 million albums sold across all of their artists combined in the last decade, having sold a total of 50,677,254 as of November 30, 2021.

BTS(Photo : Facebook: BTS)

In particular, Big Hit Music’s top boy group BTS had contributed to a big chunk of the 50 million, with the seven-member group having reached 33 million album copies sold since their debut back in June 2013, and becoming the artist with the most album sales in Gaon Chart history.

Most notably, BTS’ fourth full-length album “Map of the Soul: 7,” which was originally released back in February 2020, had sold more than 4.6 million copies since its release.

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SEVENTEEN also recorded amazing album sales in the past years, with the 13-member group having a cumulative album sales of 10.2 million copies.

In fact, SEVENTEEN’s cumulative album sales back in 2019 was at three million copies, but showed explosive growth in just a span of two years. In addition, they became a million-seller five times in a row with their latest releases.

TXT(Photo : Facebook: TXT)

Fourth-generation idols TXT and ENHYPEN also showed tremendous figures, with TXT recording a total of 3.33 cumulative album sales, while ENHYPEN sold 2.5 million copies, making them them highest-selling artists from their generation.

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ENHYPEN(Photo : Facebook: ENHYPEN)

In addition, NU’EST also recorded 1.8 million cumulative album sales, making all of the boy groups under HYBE Labels million-sellers.

Also, out of the 23 K-Pop groups that have exceeded one million cumulative album sales through the years, five of them are from HYBE.

Congratulations to BTS, TXT, ENHYPEN, SEVENTEEN, and NU’EST!

NU'EST(Photo : Facebook: NU’EST)

BTS, TXT, SEVENTEEN, ENHYPEN, and NU’EST’s Latest Releases

In other news, BTS’ latest release was their September 2021 collaboration track with British rock band Coldplay, “My Universe.” Prior to that, the group released their hit singles “Butter” and “Permission to Dance.”

For TXT, the group released their repackaged album “The Chaos Chapter: FIGHT OR ESCAPE,” headlined by “Loser=Lover,” back in August. They also released their first Japanese mini-album “Chaotic Wonderland” in November.

In October, SEVENTEEN dropped their ninth mini-album “Attacca,” led by the track “Rock With You.” They later released “Power of Love,” a special Japanese single, in December.

ENHYPEN recently made a comeback on January 10 with the release of “DIMENSION: ANSWER,” a repackage of their full-length album “DIMENSION: DILEMMA.”

NU’EST’s most recent release was their second full-length album “Romanticize,” which was released back in April 2021.

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