IN THE LOOP: SHINee Onew, EXO Lay, More of This Week’s Hottest in K-Pop


IN THE LOOP: SHINee Onew, EXO Lay, More of This Week’s Hottest in K-Pop

Curious about the hottest K-pop news and releases this week? Then keep on reading!Popular K-Pop Releases This Week1. SHINee Onew - "Dice" https://www.

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Curious about the hottest K-pop news and releases this week? Then keep on reading!

Popular K-Pop Releases This Week

1. SHINee Onew – “Dice”

On April 11, Onew released his second mini-album, “Dive,” with the title track of the same name. This marks Onew’s first solo release since his military enlistment discharge.

“Dice” is a fun pop song with rythmical guitar plucking and synth sounds. Lyrically, the song talks about betting on love despite being aware that it is a losing game.

2. EPEX – “Anthem of Teen Spirit”

On April 11, EPEX released their third mini-album, “Prelude of Anxiety Chapter 1. ’21st Century Boys,” with the lead single, “Anthem of Teen Spirit.”

“Anthem of Teen Spirit” talks about youth who are controlled by a standardized private education system. Lyrically, the song talks about escaping before getting hunted down by the system trying to manage them.

3. Dreamcatcher – “Maison”

On April 12, Dreamcatcher released their second studio album, “Apocalypse: Save Us,” and the lead single, “Maison.” This marks Dreamcatcher’s first comeback in 2022.

“Maison” sends a message to the people who are shamelessly destroying the environment, leading to a deteriorated state for the Earth. They sing about how the planet is losing its original state due to the harmful actions of humankind.

4. DKZ – “Cupid”

On April 12, DKZ released their sixth single album, “Chase Episode 2. Maum,” with the lead single, “Cupid.”

Lyrically, “Cupid” talks about falling in love with someone so deeply that they must be cupid!

Hottest K-Pop News This Week

1. EXO Lay Departs from SM Entertainment

EXO Lay(Photo : 이투데이)


On April 8, Lay released a handwritten note announcing his departure from SM Entertainment after ten years. In his letter, he thanked EXO for being by his side. He also thanked SM Entertainment for being with them to witness his growth and achievements.

However, he stated in his letter that he will always be Lay if his members need him, saying he is still a member of EXO.

2. Son Naeun Leaves Apink

Son Naeun(Photo : 뉴시스)

Son Naeun

On April 8, it was announced Son Naeun was leaving Apink after nearly 11 years as a group. The idol released a handwritten letter, revealing that it was difficult for her to make such a decision. She thanked the fans for supporting her and promised to show a better appearance in the future.

Entertainment officials stated Naeun left Apink due to conflicts in schedules.

3. Updates on BTS’s Military Enlistment

BTS(Photo : BTS Facebook)


On April 9, updates were made on BTS’s potential military enlistment exemption. It was revealed that the member of BTS entrusted matters related to their military service to their company. However, they stay true to their word that they will enlist if the country calls for them to do so.

However, due to the changes in the military service system, BTS are consulting with their company and waiting for the Military Service Act to be concluded as soon as possible.

It is still unknown whether Jin, who is turning 30 years old this year, will be enlisting.