K-Drama Actors Who Received Flak For Rude Behavior


K-Drama Actors Who Received Flak For Rude Behavior

With the competitive nature of the entertainment industry, it only takes one mistake for a star to be crucified.Some celebrities make headlines for th

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With the competitive nature of the entertainment industry, it only takes one mistake for a star to be crucified.

Some celebrities make headlines for their flawless performances but having a rude attitude does, too. Here are some actors who were criticized for having bad behavior.

Kim Jung Hyun

Perhaps the most controversial issue in this list is Kim Jung Hyun’s attitude in 2018. The actor paired up with Seohyun in the romance drama “Time.”

Kim Jung Hyun(Photo : Singles Magazine’s Instagram)

During its press conference, Kim Jung Hyun avoided any skin contact or conversation with his leading lady.

Fans were enraged and branded him as a rude actor. However, it was revealed that he was suffering from mental health issues after being manipulated and gaslighted by her then-girlfriend Seo Ye Ji.

Kim Seon Ho

Though he’s known for being the “Good Boy” of Hallyu, Kim Seon Ho was not safe from controversies.

The “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” actor was involved in a heated argument with a producer in the television program “2 Days 1 Night.”

Kim Seon Ho (Photo : SALT Entertainment)

According to reports, the cast members had to be in survival mode as they were ordered to build tents and campfires by themselves in the woods.

After successfully accomplishing the task, the production unit stated that the cast members had to build their own canoe to escape the island.

This drove Kim Seon Ho furious, resulting in him shouting at the producing director. While spectators found the actor’s behavior disappointing, fans defended Kim Seon Ho’s behavior, saying that it was an inside joke between him and the director.

Kim Yoo Jung

The 24-year-old star Kim Yoo Jung didn’t go unnoticed by the public after she showed her true colors to fans.


Known for her innocent image and kind heart, Kim Yoo Jung’s name was tainted when a video of her looking bored in a press conference circulated in 2016.

The actress is seen leaning on one leg and checking her nails, which were obvious signs that she didn’t want to be there. Kim Yoo Jung received major backlash from the incident after countless fans lined up to see her.

Her agency then released an apology statement, saying that she deeply regrets what happened and will reflect on her own attitude from then forward.

Lee Do Hyun

In 2023, Lee Do Hyun’s “The Glory” dominated the global charts and took the No. 1 spot in more than 79 countries.

Lee Do Hyun(Photo : Lee Do Hyun’s Instagram)

His co-stars Song Hye Kyo, Jung Sung Il, Lim Ji Yeon, Park Sung Hoon, Kim Hieora and more attended various guestings, press conferences and even interviews before and after the drama’s premiere.

Unfortunately, Lee Do Hyun was a no-show. His absence was taken offensively by fans after feeling ignored and neglected by the artist that they support.

The actor then received flak for this. Some of his fans argued that the actor is actually gearing up for his upcoming enlistment; the reason why he couldn’t come to personally thank his fans for their support.

Source: KDramaStars