Lee Do Hyun and His *Noona* Partners In K-Drama


Lee Do Hyun and His *Noona* Partners In K-Drama

Known for his talent in acting, Lee Do Hyun always successfully sparks chemistry with female co-stars who are older than him. Throughout his caree

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Known for his talent in acting, Lee Do Hyun always successfully sparks chemistry with female co-stars who are older than him.

Throughout his career, Lee Do Hyun has had the opportunity to act alongside several beautiful and famous Korean actresses, whose common point is that they are all older than Lee Do Hyun.

However, the age difference does not seem to affect the on-screen chemistry between Lee Do Hyun and his female co-stars.

6 Times Lee Do Hyun And His Parters Who Are Older Than Him In K-Drama:

1. Song Hye Kyo (The Glory)

According to reports, Lee Do Hyun is considering accepting the script for the upcoming drama “The Glory” which will star Song Hye Kyo.

If Lee Do Hyun accepts the role, it will be his next time working with an older co-star. In fact, Lee Do Hyun is 13 years younger than Song Hye Kyo.

2. IU (Hotel Del Luna)

Dubbed the “Nation’s little sister” thanks to her refreshing and adorable appearance, IU makes many viewers forget the fact that she is 2 years older than Lee Do Hyun.

Although they don’t have many scenes together in “Hotel Del Luna”, the heartfelt chemistry of the two makes many viewers tear up when they think of the tragic love story between Jang Man Wol (IU) and Go Chung Myung (Lee Do Hyun).

3. Kim Ha Neul (18 Again)

As one of the dramas worth watching in 2020, “18 Again” has brought the popularity of Lee Do Hyun and other actors to a new level. Next to veteran actress Kim Ha Neul, Lee Do Hyun is not inferior neither in appearance nor acting.

Although Lee Do Hyun is 17 years younger than Kim Ha Neul, the duo still manages to deliver convincing chemistry. 

4. Im Soo Jung (Melancholia)

Although not yet aired, Lee Do Hyun‘s drama “Melancholia” in collaboration with Im Soo Jungsoon attracted attention thanks to the storyline revolving around a romantic relationship between a teacher and her student.

The audiences are surprised by the sweet chemistry of the couple even though Im Soo Jung is 16 years older than Lee Do Hyun.

5. Kim Go Eun (Pamyo)

It is known that Lee Do Hyun and Kim Go Eun are currently filming the movie ‘Pamyo’ together, alongside veteran actor Choi Min Sik.

Although Lee Do Hyun is 4 years younger than Kim Go Eun, the duo looks really good together.

6. Go Min Si (Youth Of May)

They played lovers in 2021’s heartbreakingly beautiful romance drama ‘Youth Of May’. Set in the 1980s during the Gwangju Uprising, follows the love story of medical student Hwang Hee Tae(Lee Do Hyun) and nurse Kim Myung Hee (Go Min Si). Amidst the heated political environment in South Korea at the time, Lee Do Hyun and Go Min Si find themselves drawn to each other in a twist of fate.

And the age gap is only 1 year from each other, these two have super good chemistry together.

Source: iamyouridol.com