Models or K-pop Idols? K-Media Discusses BLACKPINK’s Frequent Choreo Mistakes


Models or K-pop Idols? K-Media Discusses BLACKPINK’s Frequent Choreo Mistakes

Are they really doing their job? Following Rosé and Jennie, a Korean media outlet highlights BLACKPINK's frequent mistakes in their dance choreographi

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Are they really doing their job? Following Rosé and Jennie, a Korean media outlet highlights BLACKPINK’s frequent mistakes in their dance choreographies.

BLACKPINK Rosé & Jennie Criticized For Choreography Mistakes, ‘Lazy Dance’

On October 20, BLACKPINK Rosé received criticism after footages from their two-day concert were shared online.

In particular, the main vocalist disappointed BLINKs with her lack of familiarity with BLACKPINK’s dance choreography, not only in one song but a couple of tracks. She also appeared disinterested to dance and only focused on her song lines. 

People continue to slam Rosé over this to this day.

BLACKPINK Rosé Criticized for Constant Dancing Mistakes During Seoul Concerts(Photo : @RoseChinabar on Twitter)


Due to this, Jennie’s “lazy dancing” and instances where she forgot the group’s steps also resurfaced.

In the past, Jennie was constantly seen missing the choreography and pose in the entire BLACKPINK choreo.

One incident was when she appeared on the YouTube channel “Channel Fifteen” where she forgot the choreo of BLACKPINK’s signature hit song, “Playing With Fire.”

At the time, the idol tried to demonstrate the dance but she hesitated, saying, “What is it, I don’t remember, what should I do?”

BLACKPINK Jennie Had One Complaint During Group’s Seoul Concert—Here’s What It Is(Photo : @PaintItBlack_JN on Twitter)


Outlet Slams BLACKPINK’s Choreography Mistakes– Are They Models Or Idols?

On October 24, the Korean outlet and fashion magazine star1 released their opinions regarding this issue and pointed out that BLACKPINK is not focusing on their main job, which is being idols due to their respective global ambassador/model duties.

In particular, BLACKPINK embarked on a world tour, “BLACKPINK WORLD TOUR [BORN PINK],” which kicked off on October 15. The agency announced that it will attract a total of 1.5 million viewers, the largest in the history of K-pop girl groups, and focused on boasting its size.

BLACKPINK(Photo : Twitter || @ygofficialblink)

When it comes to BLACKPINK’s world tour, the first priority is for all members to make a set list with their previous songs and fill in the performance.

BLACKPINK is not a ballad or instrumentalist group; thus, they can only show the maximum of their stage through their choreography.

With the frequent mistakes of the quartet, the magazine wrote:

“Did BLACKPINK members not understand their main job properly? Do girl group members have more important preparations other than dance practice?

(Or) are you spending more time practicing advertising poses because you are in the spotlight as a global brand model?”

BLACKPINK(Photo : Twitter: @Kpop_Herald)


The magazine also questioned the individual dance capabilities of the members and added:

“Otherwise, BLACKPINK’s choreography may have been made too high without considering the members’ individual capabilities. Then, instead of blaming Jennie and Rosé, BLACKPINK’s choreography might be too difficult for them.”

On the other hand, the world’s largest audio and music streaming platform, Spotify announced on October 24 that it has introduced a new “BLACKPINK Blend” function featuring the quartet’s songs. This allows listeners to generate a playlist that reflects their music preferences and BLACKPINK’s music through the corresponding function.

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