NCT Sungchan and aespa Karina Were Scouted by SM Entertainment Twice


NCT Sungchan and aespa Karina Were Scouted by SM Entertainment Twice

It is already rare to be scouted by an entertainment company once. NCT's Sungchan and aespa's Karina, however, were scouted by SM Entertainment not ju

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It is already rare to be scouted by an entertainment company once. NCT’s Sungchan and aespa’s Karina, however, were scouted by SM Entertainment not just once, but twice!

Keep on reading to hear how they got accepted into the Big 3 company!

NCT Sungchan and aespa Karina Were Scouted by SM Entertainment Twice

NCT’s Sungchan and aespa’s Karina have two things in common: one, they were both casted by SM Entertainment, and two, they were both scouted by the company twice.

In an interview with Allure, NCT member Sungchan revealed he was streetcast not just once, but twice by his current agency. He revealed that when he was first scouted, he felt like his skills were lacking. He started attending a dance academy to hone his skills.


(Photo : NCT Twitter)

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When he was streetcast twice, Sungchan confessed to Allure that he thought he should try auditioning just once even though he believed that he would not make the cut. After taking up lessongs at a dance academy, Sungchan attended the audition that was offered to him and passed.


(Photo : NCT Twitter)

Karina, on the other hand, opened up about being scouted twice on a radio show. As most MYs know, prior to Karina signing on as a trainee under SM Entertainment, she was a famous ulzzang on Instagram.

An SM Entertainment casting director has reached out to her on Instagram, asking her if she wanted to join the company.


(Photo : aespa Twitter)

Karina attended a private auditon. However, the casting director that reached out to her suddenly quit their job, and she believed the opportunity to sign on as a trainee was gone.

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However, another casting director from SM Entertainment soon messaged her on Instagram and asked if she wanted to come in for another audition. Karina went to the private audition and passed, joining SM Entertainment as a trainee.


(Photo : aespa Twitter)

It appears SM Entertainment has an eye for talent!

Both Sungchan and Karina made their debut in 2020, with Sungchan debuting with NCT U in Oct. 2020, while Karina debuted as the leader of aespa in Nov. 2020.

Sungchan Recent Activities

Sungchan is currently a co-MC for the SBS music show “Inkigayo.” He MCs the show alongside Ahn Yujin, formerly of IZ*ONE, and Jihoon of TREASURE.

Back in Jan. 13, 2021, in an interview with Star News, Sungchan reveealed that a new NCT unit would be debuting this year. However, it is unsure if Sungchan will be a member of that unit, as NCT is planning to launch a competition series to debut NCT Hollywood, a US-based NCT unit.

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Sungchan’s last activitiy with NCT was to promote “NCT 2020 Resonance Pt. 2,” the second part of the NCT 2020 project. He also participated in “NCT 2020 Resonance Pt. 1,” and he promoted the song “90’s Love.”

Karina’s Recent Activities

Karina is currently promoting “Next Level” with the other members of aespa. “Next Level” debuted at number nine of the Gaon Digital Chart, making it aespa’s first top-ten entry on the chart. “Next Level” also debuted at number seven of the Gaon Download Chart and number 12 of the Gaon Streaming Chart.

“Next Level” debuted at number 33 on the Billboard K-Pop Hot 100. In the United States, “Next Level” debuted at number three on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales and at number 97 on the Billboard Global 200. This makes aespa the third South Korean girl group to breakthrough the chart more than once.

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