These 14 Idols are Known for Their Crazy Long Legs


These 14 Idols are Known for Their Crazy Long Legs

These idols are not only praised for their outstanding visuals and for their amazing talent, but also for how staggeringly tall they are!1. THE BOYZ's

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These idols are not only praised for their outstanding visuals and for their amazing talent, but also for how staggeringly tall they are!

1. THE BOYZ’s Younghoon

younghoon long legs(Photo : Pinterest)

Netizens have praised Younghoon and his longs legs numerous times. The idol has a tall and lean figure and when he stands next to his members, he definitely stands out for his tall height and amazing visuals. Prior to debuting with THE BOYZ, he had modeled for Seoul Fashion Week 2017 and for Paul Miranda Italy Pictorial. Looks like he’s been living the model life for awhile!

Younghoon is the tallest member of the group, with his profile saying he’s 182 cm.

2. IZ*ONE’s Jang Wonyoung

jang wonyoung long legs(Photo : Model Press)

When Jang Wonyoung appeared on “Produce 48”, she shocked fans for being only thirteen years old but already 168 cm tall! Two years after and the idol is a staggering 171cm tall, the tallest member of her group despite being the youngest. She’s only 15 years old and still growing, but the idol has expressed that she hopes she doesn’t grow any further.

3. THE BOYZ’s Juyeon

Juyeon long legs(Photo : Twitter)

Juyeon has been slowly gaining popularity in South Korea for his visuals and physique following THE BOYZ’s appearance on Mnet’s “Road to Kingdom”. With his impressive height of 180cm, it’s no surprise the idol has modeled before, walking the runway of Seoul Fashion Week in 2017. With his impressive proportions, the idol is garnering fans everyday!

4. WJSN’s Luda

luda long legs(Photo : Reddit)

Luda is not extremely tall – in fact, she’s only 156 cm tall! Despite that, the idol has been praised for her flawless proportions. Since her legs are long and she has a shorter torso, the idol tends to look much taller than she actually is in photos.

5. Stray Kids’ Hyunjin

hyunjin long legs(Photo : Bias Wrecker)

Hyunjin has been praised for his visuals even prior to his debut, but people are now noticing just how long the idols legs are. On top of that, his legs have muscle, showing how much he dance practice he has had. Some have even said that the idol has “dancer legs”. The idol stands at 179cm tall, and many think he may still be growing!

6. TXT’s Yeonjun

yeonjun long legs(Photo : Pinterest)

Yeonjun has been praised for his amazing dance ability numerous times, and with that, people have noticed just how long the idol’s legs are! The idol is 182 cm tall and is only 20 years old, which means there is a chance he could taller next year!

7. WINNER’s Kang Seungyoon

winner seungyoon long legs(Photo : Pinterest)

Kang Seungyoon has been praised for his amazing long legs before, with many complimenting his 9:1 ratio figure, which means that Seungyoon, who stands at 180 cm, is as tall as 9 heads! Bet you didn’t know the idol had suck a perfect figure!

8. NCT’s Haechan

nct haechan long legs(Photo : Twitter)

Haechan is 174 cm, but his legs make him look longer than he is in photos! Many say it’s because of how perfect the idol’s proportions and his lean physique that make him look insanely tall.

9. ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo

cha eunwoo long legs(Photo : Pinterest)

Cha Eunwoo has been praise for his mannequin-like proportions. The idol is so tall, he towers when he is around his members. Fans say that whenever he tucks in his shirt to his jeans, seeing the waistband of his pants show just how tall the idol is.

10. VICTON’s Choi Byungchan

choi byungchan long legs(Photo : Pinterest)

Choi Byungchan is the tallest idol on this list, standing at a staggering 185 cm tall! With that, it’s not surprising that the idol has long legs, and some fans have joked that one step to his is two steps for someone of average height.

11. NU’EST’s Minhyun

nuest minhyun long legs(Photo : Pinterest)

Minhyun is 181 cm tall, but you would assume he’s even taller than that in photos thanks to his long, long legs! The idol has been praised for his actor-like physique, but fans argue he suits the model criteria more.

12. BTS’s Jungkook

jungkook long legs(Photo : Pinterest)

BTS’s Jungkook is 178 cm tall, but his long legs could make you believe he was taller. Even when the idol isn’t wearing high-waisted jeans, they end up reaching his waist because of how long his legs are. Fans have noted that his calves are long, which make the rest of him look tall.

13. WayV’s Lucas

wayv lucas long legs(Photo : Pinterest)

Lucas has model-like proportions… and he knows it! He once revealed on “Knowing Bros” that during his audition for SM Entertainment, he had forgotten what he was supposed to do and ended up modelling for them instead, doing a walk and striking three poses. With his long legs, anyone who doesn’t know Lucas could confuse him for a model.

14. GFRIEND’s Sowon

gfriend sowon long legs(Photo : Pinterest)

Sowon is 173 cm, making her the tallest member of the group. During an episode of Idol Room, it was revealed that her legs are 113cm long, which means more than half of her body is just her legs!

Which idol is your favorite?

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