These are the 20 Best-Selling Albums in YG Entertainment History


These are the 20 Best-Selling Albums in YG Entertainment History

YG Entertainment is one of the major music labels in South Korea. Founded in 1996, the label has released dozens of albums over the past 25 years thro

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YG Entertainment is one of the major music labels in South Korea. Founded in 1996, the label has released dozens of albums over the past 25 years through its artists.

With that being said, here are the 20 best-selling albums in YG Entertainment history. Curious to know which album sold the most? Then keep on reading!

*Note: album sales within South Korea

20. TREASURE – ‘The First Step: Chapter Three’


Released back on November 6, 2020, TREASURE’s third single album, “The First Step: Chapter Three,” is the 20th best-selling album in YG Entertainment history, accumulating more than 235,500 album copies sold. The album consists of mainly hip-hop and rap tracks with trap and lo-fi elements, including the title track “Mmm” and “Orange.”

19. TREASURE – ‘The First Step: Chapter Two’


TREASURE’s second single album, “The First Step: Chapter Two,” that was released on September 18, 2020, is the 19th best-selling album, accumulating more than 242,000 album copies sold. “The First Step: Chapter Two,” which consists of the title track “I Love You” and “B.L.T (Bling Like This),” features the dance-pop genre influences of future house elements.

18. Jinusean – ‘Taekwon V’

Jinusean(Photo : Jinusean)

Hip-hop duo Jinusean’s third studio album, “Taekwon V,” had sold more than 254,000 album copies since its release on March 9, 1999. The album features nine tracks, with the title track being of the same name, “Taekwon V.”

17. TREASURE – ‘The First Step: Chapter One’


TREASURE’s debut single album and the first album of the group’s “The First Step” series, “The First Step: Chapter One,” was released back on August 7, 2020 and had accumulated more than 255,100 album copies sold. The album consists of the title track “Boy” and “Come to Me.”

16. G-Dragon – ‘One of a Kind’

G-Dragon(Photo : G-Dragon)

Released on September 15, 2012, “One of a Kind” is G-Dragon’s first mini-album, which features songs written, co-written, and composed by the artist himself. The mini-album, which includes a title track of the same name, has sold more than 265,400 album copies.



“MADE” is BIGBANG’s third studio album released on December 12, 2016 with more than 267,000 album copies sold. “MADE” features 11 songs, including eight songs previously released from their single albums and the title track “Fxxk It.”

14. Yang Hyun Suk – ‘Yang Hyun Suk’

Yang Hyun Suk(Photo : Yang Hyun Suk)

YG Entertainment’s own founder, Yang Hyun Suk, released his solo album of the same name back in 1998. The album accumulated more than 269,800 copies sold.

13. 1TYM – ‘2nd Round’

1TYM(Photo : 1TYM)

1TYM, a hip-hop group, released their second studio album “2nd Round” on April 21, 2000. Consisting of 10 songs with the title track “One Love,” the album sold more than 275,600 copies in South Korea.

12. BIGBANG – ‘Alive’


BIGBANG’s fifth mini-album, “Alive,” was released on February 29, 2012. The album, which sold more than 279,400 copies, features seven tracks including its title track “Blue.” Majority of the tracks in the album were written by members T.O.P and G-Dragon.

11. YG Family – ‘Famillenium’

YG Entertainment(Photo : YG Entertainment)

The artists under YG Entertainment, collectively known as YG Family, released their first album called “Famillenium” back in 1999, and sold more than 283,700 album copies.

10. BLACKPINK – ‘How You Like That’


Released on July 26, 2020, “How You Like That” sold more than 306,900 copies as a pre-release single for their first studio album, “THE ALBUM.” The track features the pop, trap, and hip-hop genres and was produced by YG Entertainment’s in-house producer and former 1TYM member, Teddy Park.

9. G-Dragon – ‘Heartbreaker’

G-Dragon(Photo : G-Dragon)

On August 18, 2009, G-Dragon made his solo debut with the album “Heartbreaker.” “Heartbreaker” sold over 330,000 copies, making it the 9th best-selling album in YG Entertainment history. In addition, the title track of the same name became one of the best-selling singles in South Korea at the time.

8. TREASURE – ‘The First Step: Treasure Effect’


“The First Step: Treasure Effect,” released on January 11, 2021, is TREASURE’s debut studio album. It sold more than 330,900 album copies and contains 12 tracks, including the lead single “My Treasure.” Its tracks are a mix of rap, ballad, hip-hop, dance-pop, pop, and dance.

7. Big Mama – ‘Like The Bible’

Big Mama(Photo : Big Mama)

Vocal group Big Mama made their debut on February 6, 2003 with the release of their first studio album “Like The Bible,” which sold more than 338,400 album copies. The album has 12 tracks, with its title track being “Break Away.”



BLACKPINK’s first mini-album, “SQUARE UP,” which was released on June 15, 2018, had over 392,100 album copies sold. The album contains four tracks, including the hit song and title track “DDU-DU DDU-DU.”

5. Wheesung – ‘It’s Real’

Wheesung(Photo : Wheesung)

Wheesung released his second studio album, “It’s Real,” on August 21, 2003. The album, which features a total of 16 tracks, had sold over 407,000 album copies in South Korea.

4. BLACKPINK – ‘Kill This Love’


BLACKPINK’s second mini-album, “Kill This Love,” sold more than 484,400 album copies. Released on April 5, 2019, “Kill This Love” features five tracks, with the title track of the same name.

3. BLACKPINK Rosé – ‘R’


“R” is Rosé’s debut single album released on March 12, 2021. The highly-anticipated album accumulated more than 587,800 album copies sold. “R” features two tracks, the title track “On the Ground,” which is a mix of electropop, pop, and pop rock, and “Gone,” an indie rock and soft rock ballad.

2. Jinusean – ‘Jinusean’

Jinusean(Photo : Jinusean)

The second best-selling album of YG Entertainment is Jinusean’s debut studio album, “Jinusean.” Released on March 1, 1997, the album had over 620,000 album copies sold. With a total of 10 tracks, the album features “Tell Me” as the title track.



BLACKPINK’s “THE ALBUM” is currently the No.1 best-selling album among YG Entertainment’s history of releases, with more than 1.39 million album copies sold in South Korea alone. “THE ALBUM” was released on October 2, 2020, and is BLACKPINK’s first full album since their debut in 2016. It features eight songs, with “Lovesick Girls” being the title track.

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