TOP 2021 Top K-pop Stars, According to Tumblr


TOP 2021 Top K-pop Stars, According to Tumblr

Tumblr has released its Year in Review, including its "Top K-pop Stars" list for 2021. On the list, renowned male artists like BTS Jungkook, Bang Chan

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Tumblr has released its Year in Review, including its “Top K-pop Stars” list for 2021. On the list, renowned male artists like BTS Jungkook, Bang Chan, and NCT 127 Mark, as well as popular female idols like BLACKPINK Jisoo, Red Velvet Joy, and TWICE Momo, are included.

On Dec. 6, Tumblr revealed the 100 Korean artists that are included in its list of Top K-pop Stars in 2021. The rankings are based on the platform’s “Fandometrics,” which helps determine the most-talked-about singers on the site.

BTS Jungkook, Stray Kids Bang Chan and More Male Artists Dominate the Top 10 of Tumblr’s 2021 Top K-pop Stars

Like any other year, the first 10 places on Tumblr’s Top K-pop Stars this year are dominated by male K-pop idols, with all seven BTS members securing the top seven positions (in the same order as 2020).

BTS Jungkook proved his unending popularity as he once again took the No. 1 spot on the list. This is the fourth consecutive year that the “Euphoria” singer topped the rankings since 2018.

BTS Jungkook Butter(Photo : Facebook: BTS)

BTS Jungkook

Meanwhile, Jungkook’s bandmates Jimin, V, Suga, RM, Jin and J-Hope claimed the next six places in order.

Ranking eighth this year is Stray Kids Bang Chan, who climbed up three positions after taking the No. 11 spot in 2020. His bandmate Hyunjin follows behind at No. 9. Remarkably, Hyunjin jumped up 10 positions from her last rank.

Stray Kids Bang Chan(Photo : Instagram: @realstraykids)

Stray Kids Bang Chan

Completing the top 10 of Tumblr’s 2021 Top K-pop Stars is NCT 127 Jaehyun at No. 10. He was previously at No. 10.

Aside from the first 10 spots, Nos. 11 to 21 are also claimed by male idols from different groups including NCT Dream Haechan, TXT Yeonjun, ATEEZ Seonghwa, WayV Ten and more.

BLACKPINK Jisoo, Red Velvet Joy, TWICE Momo and More Female Artists Enter Tumblr’s 2021 Top K-pop Stars

Well-known female K-pop idols also made it to this year’s list, with BLACKPINK Jisoo claiming the highest rank among them. The “Lovesick Girls” singer landed at No. 22 after climbing up 16 spots from her previous position.

BLACKPINK Jisoo(Photo : Instagram: @sooyaaa__)


Red Velvet Joy is the second-highest female idol on the list. She is sitting at No. 29 after being at No. 39 last year. Notably, Jisoo and Joy are the only female singers inside the Top 30.

Red Velvet Joy(Photo : Instagram: @_imyour_joy)

Red Velvet Joy

Outside of Top 30, the other female artists mentioned are TWICE Momo, ITZY Ryujin, LOONA Heejin, MAMAMOO Moonbyul and more.

Here’s the Complete List of Tumblr’s Top K-pop Stars in 2021:

  1. BTS Jungkook
  2. BTS Jimin
  3. BTS V
  4. BTS Suga
  5. BTS RM
  6. BTS Jin
  7. BTS J-Hope
  8. Stray Kids Bang Chan
  9. Stray Kids Hyunjin
  10. NCT 127 Jaehyun
  11. NCT Dream Haechan
  12. NCT 127 Taeyong
  13. TXT Yeonjun
  14. NCT 127 Mark
  15. Stray Kids Felix
  16. ATEEZ Seonghwa
  17. NCT Dream Jaemin
  18. Stray Kids Le Know
  19. WayV Ten
  20. Stray Kids Han
  21. NCT Dream Jeno
  22. BLACKPINK Jisoo
  23. NCT 127 Yuta
  24. ATEEZ Hongjoong
  25. ATEEZ San
  26. Stray Kids Changbin
  27. NCT 127 Doyoung
  28. ATEEZ Wooyoung
  29. Red Velvet Joy
  30. NCT 127 Johnny
  31. Red Velvet Seulgi
  32. TWICE Momo
  33. TXT Soobin
  34. TWICE Sana
  35. NCT Dream Renjun
  36. TXT Beomgyu
  37. SHINee Onew
  38. EXO Chanyeol
  39. TWICE Nayeon
  40. ATEEZ Yunho
  41. MONSTA X I.M
  42. WayV Lucas
  43. ATEEZ Yeosang
  44. TWICE Mina
  45. Stray Kids Seungmin
  46. Red Velvet Irene
  47. Stray Kids I.N
  48. SEVENTEEN Mingyu
  49. ITZY Ryujin
  50. ATEEZ Mingi
  51. WayV Xiaojun
  52. NCT 127 Jungwoo
  53. SHINee Jonghyun
  54. SEVENTEEN Wonwoo
  55. WayV YangYang
  56. Red Velvet Yeri
  57. TWICE Chaeyoung
  58. SEVENTEEN Hoshi
  59. WayV WinWin
  60. WayV Hendery
  61. EXO Sehun
  62. NCT Dream Chenle
  63. WayV Kun
  64. ITZY Yeji
  65. ATEEZ Jongho
  66. MONSTA X Shownu
  67. SEVENTEEN Jeonghan
  68. TWICE Jihyo
  69. SEVENTEEN Vernon
  70. MONSTA X Hyungwon
  71. GOT7 Jinyoung
  72. NCT 127 Taeil
  73. ASTRO Eunwoo
  74. MONSTA X Minhyuk
  76. MONSTA X Kihyun
  77. EXO Xiumin
  78. TWICE Dahyun
  79. MONSTA X Jooheon
  80. LOONA Heejin
  81. LOONA Jinsoul
  82. LOONA Yves
  83. TWICE Tzuyu
  84. SEVENTEEN Woozi
  85. SEVENTEEN Joshua
  86. SEVENTEEN Dino
  87. MAMAMOO Moonbyul
  88. SEVENTEEN Seungkwan
  89. Red Velvet Wendy
  90. SEVENTEEN The8
  91. MAMAMOO Hwasa
  92. MAMAMOO Solar
  93. EXO Suho
  94. EXO Chen
  95. SEVENTEEN S.Coups
  96. The Boyz Sangyeon
  97. The Boyz Sunwoo
  98. The Boyz Younghoon
  99. The Boyz Juyeon
  100. DAY6 Young K

Is your favorite idol/s included in the list?

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