Twitter Source Claims Gurumiharibo Faked V and Jennie’s Relationship Story


Twitter Source Claims Gurumiharibo Faked V and Jennie’s Relationship Story

On September 28, twocanplay_ appeared on Twitter, shedding light on the "Gurumi leaks" about Taehyung and Jennie's relationship. An anonymous sourc

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On September 28, twocanplay_ appeared on Twitter, shedding light on the “Gurumi leaks” about Taehyung and Jennie’s relationship.

An anonymous source on Twitter, twocanplay_, stated that the photos previously posted to gurumiharibo users were edits mixed with real photos. Initially, everything was started in order to force companies to refute the rumors.

According to twocanplay_, the staff has a lot of real photos. The staff themselves don’t mind cashing in by selling pictures to sasaengs.

From twocanplay_ twitter:

“This is a whole group of people. They have gathered their capabilities to corner companies and make them talk.

All the photos you see do not belong to the same account. They were collected from different sources: friends, sasaengs, staff. Therefore, it is not easy to solve all this.

Do not waste time trying to figure out who, what, where, when, why – you will not succeed. Because it’s not easy. Gurumi’s ego has grown too much. Everything was supposed to stop after a couple of first edits.

But now Gurumi has twisted so many lies into the story that it all makes no sense. She is nothing without her leaks.

Believe me, I’m not posting this because I want to. This is because Gurumi created her own story, which was not originally planned. The people involved in this don’t deserve to be treated like this. This has never been fair to Jennie and Taehyung.

Edits are edits and they should not have been published with real photos. Gurumi took it upon herself to make these leaks to inspire confidence.

Taehyung and Jennie were chosen because of the dishonest people on Jennie’s team and Taehyung’s big influence in the media. Don’t let her go any further.”

In support of their words, the twocanplay_ account published 16 photos and 3 videos of different idols.

The photos feature BTS V, BTS Jimin, BLACKPINK Jennie, G-Dragon, NCT Lucas and more.

The profile is active, all published photos and videos remain in the public domain.

Netizens commented,

“I don’t get it. This user is trying to prove that V and Jennie’s photos are photoshopped by leaking photos of other idols? Where’s the connection?”, “So Jennie and V’s photos are photoshopped? Why didn’t this user post their original photos? That’s what started it all.”, This only proves that they actually have access to the idols’ private photos.”, “The photo in Jeju still has two different sources, but he tried”, “Did he just go and leak personal photos of a bunch of idols? I hope he gets sued.”, “Do you guys realize that if it was that simple, yg and hybe would immediately release a rebuttal statement?”, “Everyone already knows that the staff sells information about celebrities”, “Can ARMYs stop dragging innocent people into their revelations? I don’t see how leaking photos of other idols will help you prove that the photos of V and Jennie are photoshopped”, “Why did he even leak photos of other idols?”, “If he was trying to prove that the photos of V and Jennie were photoshopped, then he should have posted the originals of their photos, not photos of other idols”, “This man just stole photos from gurumiharibo’s private chat and made up his own story. He’s the kind of ARMY who tries to prove that Jennie is dating GD”.